06 Sep

Sunday September 6th...8am.. I know what you're thinking...What's Mark doing up on a Sunday at this hour? Well to be honest I just couldn't sleep last night and thought I really need to get some new photos of the town for the website and also social media sites when posting. So up I got, quick jump into the shower, into the car...oh hang on....Put clothes on, then into car and off to the town centre. The great thing about being up at this time on a Sunday is the fact that not many people are around, well except for the odd dog walker and some people out running. I parked up the car and with my camera took a nice stroll around Clonmel, snapping here and there, The Main Guard, Westgate , Old Bridge, by the river, in the end I ended up at Clonmel Railway Station, thinking....I'd just love to get in here for a look around and take a few pics, I could see a woman looking out from across the road on her balcony by the petrol station thinking , what's that dodgy looking character up to? I decided to go along the footpath, turn right and onto the road bridge that goes over the rail line, even though I couldn't see over the wall to look down onto the station (and I'm 6ft 5 ) I held up my camera and got the photo which is below, and that my friends made my day! So what do you think? not bad if I say so myself. 

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