22 Sep

Everyone should experience this! Today Tuesday,Death and Faith(look the coffin!) I took a trip to the Tipperary Museum of Hidden History, located in Mick Delahunty Square in Clonmel...I ashamed to say that of all my years living here, this was my first time I'd been, and was I in for a treat. There's something very special about visiting a museum, the stillness, quietness, tranquility and that the slight aroma of local artifacts, which the museum has in abundance. Curator Marie McMahon was my guide filled to the brim with extensive knowledge of each part of the museum we visited,  from "Who am I?", to "The Suir Story" to one of my favourite areas....."Death and Faith" with an actual coffin that you can step into and have your photo taken. You can hear more about my visit on this weeks podcast, but in the meantime, why not take a visit yourself! trust me, you'll love it!....oh did I also mention, it's free!

for more information go to www.hiddenhistory.ie  

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