09 May

So all together..."Breathe in...hold.....And Breathe out...hold"....I met up with Caroline and Joan from Yoga Walks Ireland recently , to record a piece for the podcast which you can now hear.  The location was the beautiful Marlfield Woods...sorry it's Forest! I keep calling it that through the whole podcast too! Get it right Whelan!, it's Woods!....no I mean Forest!!!! Anyway Caroline explained what we would be doing during the walk, a number of stops to perform, breathing exercises, stretching, meditation, these are know as "Yoga Asanas" , now, I know what you're thinking? You're probably saying to yourself that you had no idea that, that bloke who does the podcast is into yoga? right?..Well I'm not and have never been to a yoga class, what I'm trying to say is that you don't have to be able to do yoga to take part in this. The walk lasts around 90 minutes to two hours, with lots of stops to do the Asanas on the way,  I even got to hug a tree!, something I suppose I always wanted to do but never did, that's something else marked off the old "bucket list". As we walk along the path through the woods taking in the breathe taking scenery, you can hear the birds around us singing, the sound of the River Suir and Caroline giving us some history about Marlfied Forest and the Bagwells who use to own this land many years ago. I highly recommend Yoga Walks Ireland and Caroline and Joan really make you feel at home, I felt energised and one with nature after the walk and got treated to a picnic too! Listen to the podcast here on the website to find out more and check out Yoga Walks Ireland on Facebook and Instagram. I will be back, to do another one...Their Halloween Yoga Walk I think!

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