Michael Kiely....... Long before, phones, broadband, and social media there were telegrams, and Michael Kiely was a Telegram Boy at fourteen...Lets just take a moment to imagine what that must have been like...Michael tells us the whole story, from riding a "gate on wheels" his bicycle, to giving someone bad news and looking for a house in Glenary on a pitch black December night...yes at fourteen!!! We also hear about Michael working as a postman for many years and asking Mick Del to open Banna Chluain Meala's band hall. Also on this episode I visit our local cinema and speak to IMC Clonmel manager Jade Downey to find out what movies are showing, movie deals and what has changed during the pandemic, I have news on a table quiz for Family Carers Clonmel, The Bunker's new outdoor dining experience, how you could be in this years Pride show, Eve Whelan's debut EP release date, job opportunities and lots more.