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Welcome to "The Clonmel Podcast" website, Just in case you haven't heard the podcast, you can hear it every friday on all your podcast platforms, on the The Clonmel Podcast facebook page and here to on the website. So what's it all about? I hear you say...Well whether you were born in Clonmel, which is in County Tipperary, Ireland, or are now living in the town this podcast is for you. There will be news and information as to what's going on, to interviews with people from all walks of life..Your Town, Your Podcast!!! I'd also love to hear your connection and stories about Clonmel, maybe you immigrated from the town many years ago, let me know where you are now, we may feature you on the podcast.
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The Clonmel Podcast Halloween Special from Kickham Barracks is now available to listen to. Psychic Medium Sandie Byrne with eight other people walked the grounds and entered the Officers Mess building picture here. What did Sandie uncover? Listen in now to find out.. 
Clonmel's Wild Geese........Once a month on The Clonmel Podcast we chat to people from the town who are now living in another part of the world. We get to hear their story...Why they left Clonmel?, what they miss about the town? and what life is like where they are now? They also reminisce about their days growing up in Clonmel, from school, playing out with their friends, to working in the town.
If you're from Clonmel and have moved away, please contact us and tell us your story on the podcast, and become one of "Clonmel's Wild Geese."

Email theclonmelpodcast@gmail.com or use the contact form below.
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Once a month on The Clonmel Podcast Dean McGrath joins Mark as they explore some of the history around Clonmel, from buildings to areas of the town. This month Blue Anchor Lane is featured, tune in now to hear this episode.
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The Clonmel Podcast Halloween Special 2022

In the middle of the night during a full moon 10 people including Medium Ann-Marie Slavin ventured to Marlfield Lake and St Patrick's Well....

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70's Glam Rock Star's Car in Clonmel

If you listen to episode 29 of The Clonmel Podcast, you will hear the story of how Marc Bolan's Car which is pictured below, ended up here in Clonmel.

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