30 Oct

On this year's Clonmel Podcast Halloween Special we decided to go outside and venture to Marlfield Lake and St Patrick's Well. Once again we we're joined by Medium Ann-Marie Slavin and nine other people, there was no way I was doing this on my own...Safety in numbers. We walked along the lake up to and in and around the Well, by the way did I mention this all happened in the middle of the night during a full moon! recording every sound and listening to Ann-Marie telling us the spirits she could see around us, and trust me when I say, there was many....As a bonus we also took a trip to Marlfield Church and this is where I encountered microphone interference and a whisper or two. This podcast was such great fun to record and I can't thank everyone enough who came along to make this podcast, especially Ann-Marie Slavin from Emohruo. You can listen to this years two part Clonmel Podcast Halloween Special now in the "Podcasts" section here on the website, also if you'd like to contact Ann-Marie for yourself go to www.emohruo.ie

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