19 Mar

If you listen to episode 29 of The Clonmel Podcast, you will hear the story of how Marc Bolan's Car which is pictured below, ended up here in Clonmel. 

I remember hearing this rumour some years ago, then a friend of mine confirmed he had seen the car and the rumour now a story was indeed someway true. I hadn't started broadcasting The Clonmel Podcast at this stage, it was still a few years away, but I had heard of Marc Bolan and T Rex, not only from working here in Clonmel for local radio, but I remember my big sister Catherine having a huge poster of the Glam Rock Star on her bedroom wall when I was a kid. I thought to myself Wow!!!! Marc Bolan's car in Clonmel....But how did it get here? and is the story true?

Moving on...The Clonmel Podcast is up and running and in the back of my head I could hear the purr of that V12 Engine from the "Roller" that Marc Bolan once owned...Can I just state here that I'm not too sure if the engine was a V12 just a wild guess, please feel free to correct me...I started asking around again about the "famous rock star's car" to see if I'd get anywhere, then! I had a location for it!!! but that was really it, in a big house in town, so what do I do? knock on the gates, walk by it and hope I'd meet the owner?.Well actually I did that one, as in walked by the house , in fact quite a lot, still no joy! Then one day I was recording an interview in town, when the person I was talking to just happen to know the owner of the house who had the car....and the rumours, and stories were true about it being Marc Bolan's car, they thankfully put me in contact with that person and they agreed to do the interview, socially distanced with my 3 metre boom mic, and the rest as they say..well is on the podcast, have a listen, Mark.


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